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The definition of quality control at AT Services, Inc is the mechanism used to evaluate and regulate building maintenance standards under any given set of specifications. Quality control has meant implementing the necessary controls: Controls of procedures , product knowledge, equipment, and standard practices that ensure the delivered service product meets and in most cases exceeds the contract specifications. All AT Services Maintenance Programs are designed to instill confidence that our services meet contractual requirements. AT Services knows that quality control represents those actions which provide measurements that regulate the overall characteristics of required and specified service.

Our on-site maintenance programs are complemented by the AT Services Quality Control Program, which includes on-site supervision, periodic visits by home office quality inspectors and AT Services Management, recurring training sessions, augmented job ownership, and computerized work and inspection schedules. These programs ensure that all maintenance services are delivered at or above your expected quality and timeliness levels.

In addition to scheduled inspections,AT Services Management and Quality Control Inspectors drop-in on all work sites on a random pattern to further guarantee consistent performance according to specifications.

The Quality Control reports are developed and evaluated independently from operations management reports, but are cross referenced to those reports as a further measurement of the supervisors' familiarity with the work habits of their crews. All corrective action plans must be confirmed in writing by a member of the Regional Support Team and authorized by the Operations Manager before receiving the Quality Assurance Director's signature for approval and implementation of the plan.

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